About Street Priests INC.

We are a youth led non-profit volunteer driven organization with the vision to transform the lives of street children and have their potentials turned into assets for society.


To transform the lives of street children and turn their potentials into assets for the society.

  • To create a safe space for street children by providing, a fun and hands-on rehabilitative program that,
    engages them in formal education through unconventional ways. This program is called “Street
  • To facilitate access to education for at-risk children as a preventive measure from experiencing life on
    the streets through an online interactive giving platform called “Visible Children”
  • To educate and inform the public about the problem of street children in their immediate environment
    and inspire them on ways to get involved through innovative programs, events and conferences.
  • To enforce the law on child rights, through partnership with law enforcement agencies and legal
Our Values

Quality Education
Platform for expression
Never Give up on any child
Hear! Speak! Act!
Courage, Love, Verisimilitude, Love